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Baby shoes rang in styles and one of the most common types of baby shoes are T-straps but are T-strap Baby Shoes Good for All Occasions? That’s a good question to ponder on because with baby shoes parents have to make sure they get the right kind of shoe and the right size so the shoe does not hinder the development of the child’s feet.

Are T-strap Baby Shoes Good for All Occasions?

Babies, when they are born, spend most of their time lying down and they don’t do much with their legs besides wiggle them and kick the air. As they get older they start to learn to control more of their locomotives and they are more aware of their extremities and can better coordinate. For example, after a few months, they can grab thing with their hands and hold on to a toy or their parent’s finger. As time goes on, they learn to sit and hold up their body with their legs. They kick better, move their legs and hands with intention and even deliberately play with their legs and hands. Babies take time to master their motor skills and the more they use their hands and legs, the more their muscles develop and get stronger and gradually they will be able to stand, walk and run around the house.

T-strap Baby Shoes as First Baby Shoes

Are T-strap Baby Shoes Good for All Occasions?

Once a baby starts walking well and is more comfortable and steady being on their feet, then the parents can consider getting them their first pair of shoes. There are many factors to consider when buy shoes for babies such as comfort, style, price, fit, breathability, material etc. T-strap baby shoes are one of the types of baby shoes that highly sort after by parents because of the way they fir. They are non-skid and non-slip shoes that stay on the babies feet and provides comfort and support when they walk and run and play. However, when buying T-strap baby shoes and any baby shoes at all, parents should make sure they fit all the criteria and that they fit the baby’s feet correctly.


Parents should stay away from complicated shoes as they might hinder the growth of babies feet and cause them to even have an injury when they wear them. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), shoes with “wedges, inserts, high backs, reinforced heels, special arches, and other features designed to shape and support the feet” are not needed by the average child and should not be purchased for children or babies. Babies are better off with flexible non-soled shoes as they will provide the best support without hindering growth. If a parent notices an issue with their child’s feet or with the way they walk they should consult a pediatrician and talk to them about it.

Muscle Developmental Stages of Babies

Neck Muscles

Are T-strap Baby Shoes Good for All Occasions?

It is important to understand some things about how a baby develops. Babies development begin from the head down so they develop their neck muscles first and then eventually slowly they develop control of their who body. So a baby will practice lifting its head and turning his head first before he or she will practice controlling his hand or legs. Around 3 months a baby will be able to turn his or head from side to side and turn his head towards things that grab his attention like looking at a colorful toy or looking up at the person holding them. As they continue to move their neck, it will strengthen their neck muscles.


Are T-strap Baby Shoes Good for All Occasions?

Before a baby starts to crawl they actually start to roll first. Babies rolling is not something that’s talked about a lot because they soon begin to crawl after they start rolling. Once a baby can lift his or her head while lying on their stomach then they can also roll. This usually happens around the fifth month. Babies use their legs to gain momentum when they roll so it also helps develop their leg muscle. By six months they will be able to roll over to their back and then up again and they will do this repeatedly because they enjoy this new movement. It’s important to be watchful of a baby at all times and when you notice they roll be extra watchful. Babies can roll off a changing table in less than a second if you leave them unattended ( )


Are T-strap Baby Shoes Good for All Occasions?

Soon after babies start to roll they begin to crawl. Crawling helps a baby develop their hands and legs muscle and also their core body strength increases when they start to crawl. It is important to try to not wear your kids too much restrictive clothing when they start to crawl. Leave them in only diapers if possible as this helps them crawl better and move more freely around the house. Do this if you can but if its cold, for example, it is important to keep them warm first before anything else.


Are T-strap Baby Shoes Good for All Occasions?

One of the major and most celebrated developmental stages is a baby walking. One they can stand upright it does not take long before they take their first step. Once a baby starts to walk they get pretty excited and will soon start to run. It is important to be watchful of them in case they fall and let them practice their walking in a safe environment like in a  room with carpets and play mats.